A used iPhone is much more expensive than a used Android

The iPhones seem to retain their value after their first purchase, as they remain much more expensive than a similar used Android phone.


If you do not want to pay a thousand dollars to a new iPhone XS and you hope to buy a cheaply used iPhone, you probably will not be lucky. As revealed by a recent study, the resale value of iPhones remains the largest in the smartphone market.

The bankMyCell data, a site that specializes in purchase of used electronic devices, show that a new iPhone X, costing $ 999 when purchased brand new, resold nine months later for $ 690. This means that the value of the iPhone fell by 30,93%.

In addition, Galaxy S9, which was Samsung's flagship and sold 720 dollars brand new, could be bought as a used nine months later, only for $ 290. This means that it almost lost 60%.

The analysis shows that iPhones typically shrink more when new models are coming out. The data also show that "Galaxy S phones are probably the worst investment", as they quickly lose their value after purchase.

The models with the lowest resale value and therefore the most deprecated by the users are Sony Xperia Z3 + (-57.78%), iPhome 5S (-51.67%) and iPhome 6 Plus (-51.00%).

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