Secret Crush: New Feature on Facebook Dating

Secret Crush: Facebook he said on F8 ένα νέο χαρακτηριστικό στο Facebook Dating, που προφανώς σχεδιάστηκε για να βοηθήσει μεμονωμένους attract potential mates from their friends by adding them to a seemingly private list of people.

Secret Crush

Here's how the new feature should work:

You will be able to add up to nine people to a "Secret Crush" list. These nine people will receive a notification telling them that someone has added them to a Secret Crush list. They will be able to add their own people to their own private list, and if they add you, you will both receive a notification to talk about it in Messenger.

Usually, regular Facebook and Facebook Dating exist in two different realms - your profile for one is not the same as your profile for another.

Secret Crush will be the first junction between the two (and let's hope it is the only one). On paper, it sounds to be a nice feature, specially designed for shy or introverted people who want to express their interest to someone or somebody else. With the new feature they will not feel embarrassed or something ugly when their interest is crash.

It is assumed that no one will know who is who and if there is interest and they connect.

On the other hand, if you consider the huge of Facebook and in general the relaxed that the social network has towards consumer data, then the above news will probably cause you concern. After a year of scandals with personal leaks , starting with , I don't think I'd trust Facebook with my birthday, let alone a super secret list of my girlfriends I'm having sex with.

Facebook Dating can give Facebook's advertising partners the opportunity to have more than just preyou

Facebook Dating starts today in 14 more . The list does not include Greece, which is expected to start sometime this year.

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