Secret Disk hide your disk for free

Do you want to hide your disk?

Creating a secure space for sensitive files has never been easier. With the software Secret Disk you can create an additional hard drive that is password protected for saving, hiding, and locking files.

secret disk

The software also allows you to set multiple automation scenarios to make use much more convenient. If you need more than one secret disk, Secret Disk software can do it easily.

With Secret Disk, you will not need to format your hard drive or change anything in the boot sector. It can create a new disk automatically and quickly, while giving you many adjustment options. You can choose to make the disk invisible, and keep it password protected. Secret Disk works similarly to a standard hard drive and is compatible with any other software. To complete the hiding process, select the letter of your disc.

In the event of a power failure or an error in your operating system, Secret Disk will automatically lock the disk you have set, and it will become invisible as information related to the presence of the disk is stored in the virtual memory. Secret Disk software does not encrypt your files, but restricts access to them by allowing you to keep them protected by a password.

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