Unidirectional Security Gateways: Will they replace firewalls?

Security Gateways: The following information comes from the IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 held in Barcelona. One of the conference speakers was Andrew Ginter, VP at the Industrial Security Division at Waterfall Security. The company offers solutions for Unidirectional Security Gateways.

Can they replace firewalls in industrial network environments? They provide complete protection to control systems and business networks from attacks from external networks.

Unidirectional gates are a technology divided into two parts: there is a TX device that contains a laser, and an RX device that contains an optical receiver. security

Security Gateways pairs can easily transmit information from a business network but prevent multiple viruses, DoS attacks, human error or any information from the protected network.

Waterfall Security software collects real-time data from any work on servers within the protected network. The software transmits the data to the external network, through replica servers containing the data.

Waterfall Security provides capabilities for dozens of replicated industrial applications, including historical processes, database processes, server control systems, OPC servers, and low-level devices.waterfall-diagram Security Gateways

Replication solutions are also available for file servers, mail servers, print servers, SIEM servers and other components that are needed to integrate modern networks into business networks.

The server-replication process is not visible to external users, and has no effect on the original server operations. External users have access to using replicated servers in the same way they would use the original servers without changing anything in their workflows.

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