Septor Linux 2020.4 anonymous internet for everyone

September Linux 2020.3: Septor is another Linux operating system that focuses on maintaining anonymity and privacy while browsing the Internet.
Septor Linux 2020
Septor distribution uses Debian Testing as the basis, and as the default desktop environment, KDE Plasma. The latest edition, (2020 edition), announced today and brings: Linux Kernel 5.7.10 and Plasma in version 5.14.5 Contains applications
  • Software Management: Synaptic, GDebi
  • Website: Tor Browser, Thunderbird, Ricochet IM, HexChat, QuiteRSS, OnionShare
  • Utilities: Gufw, Konsole, Ark, Image Writer, Bootiso, Sweeper, KGpg, Kleopatra, MAT, KWallet, VeraCrypt
  • Graphics / Multimedia: GIMP, Gwenview. VLC, K3b, Guvcview
  • Office: LibreOffice, Kontact, КOrganizer, Okular, Kwrite, Kate, Eqonomize
Septor Linux 2020
The distribution can be used as Live or even installed on a hard disk through the standard Debian installer. Watch the video
Visit the original project page for more information. Septor 2020.2 is available for download from SourceForge: Septor-2020.4-amd64.iso



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