Why did the servers of the Winter Olympics close?

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was marked by an online attack on POCOG servers on Friday.

The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Games (POCOG) has confirmed that there was an attack on cyberspace that caused IPTV television programs to malfunction, according to the Yonhap News.

According to the publication, POCOG stated that its servers were hit by an "unknown intruder" during the launch ceremony and that it shut down the servers (and its website) to prevent further damage.servers

The site, which was closed during the opening ceremony held on Friday, was reactivated at 8am local time on Saturday.

At present we do not know details, but its analyst McAfee Advanced Threat Research, Ryan Sherstobitoff reported that his team discovered a variation of malicious documents targeting the winter fights a few days before the opening ceremony.

"The document contained the same metadata properties as those used by GoldDragon and sought access to systems belonging to winter racing organizations," Sherstobitoff said.

"It is clear that the attacks are ongoing and are likely to continue throughout the games. "What has not been determined yet is whether the hackers involved are doing it for a reputation or if their motives are greater."

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