What about Hellenic Police and IEC after Sfakianakis?

After the decision of the Greek government for meta of Manolis Sfakianakis from the position of director of the Electronic Crime Prosecution after 21 years of service and after an incredible with a lot of back and forth, it's time to see the results. Sfakianakis

Let us remember that the decision to move Mr. Sfakianakis stipulates that he is transferred "to the Hellenic Police Headquarters, as an Assistant Chief of Staff / AEA, with additional responsibility for the supervision of the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate."

We will not mention much, in fact we will only publish a statement that shows in some way that the movement has affected the UN service.

The website of the press releases of the Cybercrime Prosecution has to be updated from the 27th of April (today we have May 16 if you miss it).die gr cyber unit

We honestly don't want to believe that the service stopped its actions, and its offering to society as a whole, with and seminars. Of course, we do not want to believe that the arrests have stopped.

Η of the department's website is missing from the public who in recent years have been continuously informed about what was happening in the online scene.

Suppose the event is completely random and not due to Mr Sfakianakis' travel or that it is due to downgrading of services?

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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