Sharingan Offensive Security tool for Bug Hunters!

Sharingan is a recon multitool for bug hunters. The purpose of the program is to detect open ports and show us the services that run behind them.

Download and install Sharingan with the following commands:

git clone

go get

A necessary condition is to already have it in our system Nmap and the go.


Brute force

DNS prevents the target with a wordlist you already have on your system. For example:

sharingancli –target targetname dns –dns-wordlist ~ / path / to / wordlist –root-domain


Adds subdomains to the program through stdin using pipes. For example:

cat subs | sharingancli –target targetname dns addsubs


Scans all hosts stored on the target using nmap. For example:

sharingancli –target target scan


Scans a specific host from the list of subdomains stored in the target. For example:

sharingancli –target target scan interactive



Exports all domains as a list to stdout. For example:

sharingancli –target target info domains

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