Shiela USB Shield Protection from malicious USB

Shiela USB Shield is a freeware security program for Windows operating systems that protects you from malicious USB.

Shiela USB Shield is a simple, easy-to-use program that adds another level of security to your systems. The program needs almost no memory, and if you set it to run automatically, you will not notice it running, even if it is active in the background.Shiela USB Shield

It is known that USB devices are often used to distribute malware. Free Shiela USB Shield offers real-time protection against threats from removable devices and USB connectivity.

One of the many protection features is that it locks autorun.inf and the executable files associated with it. It offers write protection options (write rights) or even completely disable USB Mass Storage on the system.

Note: If you wish to install the application, you should know that it requires increased permissions (administrator), and that it requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or a later version. If it does not exist, it will return you an error message.

Shiela USB Shield works silently in the background. You will need to check the settings at least once to make sure the application is set up correctly.

The settings are quite extensive and are divided into four tabs.

  • Give the virus scanner installation folder you are using or the command Shiela will use if malicious files are detected.
  • Choose between automatically fix issues (default), or view alerts. The default setting is set to "freeze" infected files.
  • Disable USB Mass Storage or change write protection.
  • Add file extensions or files that will not are excluded from the analysis.

In theory, it is possible to manually run the application on fixed drives, but we do not recommend it because it is not designed for it.

Shiela is compatible with all Windows versions starting with Windows 2000.

System Requirements
1) Windows 2000 or later
2) 256Mb RAM or higher
3) 1GHz Processor or faster
4) .NET Framework 2.0 or later must be installed

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