The si-Cluster in the European Space Meta-Cluster SPACE2ID

The and-Cluster participated in the opening meeting of the European Program SPACE2ID in Brussels, from which the first will emerge European Strategic Alliance of Collaborative Space Formations, that is, the first European Space Meta-Cluster.

The inaugural meeting was organized within 8th Annual Conference on European Space Policy (8th Annual Conference on European Space Policy).Meta-Cluster SPACE2ID SPACE2ID

in the 8ο Annual Conference on European Space Policy confirmed the support of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council in space development, as a key strategic area for Europe and announced increase investment in space in the coming years.

In this direction, all the above bodies and the industry will develop within the 2016 text the European Space Strategy. We also analyzed the emerging changes and opportunities in the space markets (new generations of satellites and arrays, launcher reclassification and satellite communications market, large data of satellite data, etc.) as well as issues concerning the financial instruments for research and development and the role of space in security and defense .

Ο Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the EU, said (link).

At the inaugural meeting of the European Program SPACE2ID «Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification», participated Corallia representing the si-Cluster and the gi-Cluster, which discussed the enhancement of value chains of space applications and the development, interconnection and application of space technologies to other sectors of the economy, the creation of a European Strategic Alliance Clusters (ESCP-European Strategic Cluster Partnership) in the field of space with the participation of other European clusters from other sectors such as transport, energy, creative industries, agriculture, etc., and the development of a common European Product Internationalization Plan s that the European Strategic Alliance, which will be implemented with EU support in subsequent work. SPACE2ID is implemented within the framework of the program COSME of the European Commission.

During the meeting, the representatives of the participating organizations presented their action, including Dr. Jorge Sanchez, Corallia's CSFO and member of the Si-Cluster SA, presented the developmental path of the Greek ecosystem of space technologies and applications and the creative industries.

On the occasion of the launch of the project he stated: "Clusters are now important tools for European cohesion and regional, innovation and industrial development. With the participation of Corallia and si-Cluster and gi-Cluster in the program we aim to promote the synergies of the members of the two clusters with other sectors of the economy as well as the internationalization of SMEs in new markets outside Europe».

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