Sidekick Teams extensible virtual office in browser

Sidekick is a browser based on Chromium. The company behind Sidekick is now launching Sidekick Teams—a set of features tailored for teamwork and businesses with strict policy and productivity requirements.

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Sidekick Teams is a scalable “virtual office” with many collaboration and focus tools that make it easy to work efficiently and securely with other people. It is separate from personal browsing, allowing you to keep your private life away from work.

You can create a workspace, assign roles, give each member access to the necessary applications with a single login, easily onboard freelancers and more.

All of this is constantly synchronized, ensuring that the entire team is up to date.

Sidekick Teams makes work more secure by letting you share documents, projects, and apps without revealing passwords. Other protective measures include support for multiple policies, security alerts (unsafe extensions or suspicious screenshots from a new IP address), the ability to block untrusted websites, extension restrictions, and more. There's also built-in VPN, ad blocking and fingerprinting protection.

Finally, you can assign and share tasks, track team progress with a built-in task tracker, create a shared knowledge base, and maintain a secure “vault” for documentation, links, and other content.

All of this comes with existing Sidekick features like Focus Tools and Distraction Blocker. And like most modern browsers, Sidekick is powered by Chromium, so you get the best compatibility with apps and websites optimized for Chrome or Edge.

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Sidekick Teams

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