2017: The wage bill for Silicon Valley workers

Wage rises for workers in technology areas such as Silicon Valley, Seattle and New York are still far higher than the wages of outside workers, even when they adapt to the cost of living.Silicon Valley

However, there are indications that as the cost of living continues to grow in these places, and wages may not be able to grow more.

According with research of the Dice Technology Recruitment Platform, by 10.705 employees in the United States, Silicon Valley offered the highest average salary to 2017 technologists.

Silicon Valley
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Respondents who worked in Silicon Valley technology reported an average salary of 114.654 dollars for the year. Cities with respondents who reported the next higher wages were: Boston, New York, San Diego, Washington, and DC / Baltimore.

However, Silicon Valley also saw an unusually small annual increase in 2017 technology wages, as the figure reached 0,4%. According to Dice CEO Mike Durney, Silicon Valley's technology wages are rising each year by 2006 and are increasing annually to reach 4% over the last few years that Dice is conducting this research.

On the other hand, many places where technology wages see higher levels of growth are areas that are not commonly considered as technology nodes in the US. Average Philadelphia salary increased by 7,7% from 2016 to 2017, while wages in Portland and Tampa increased by 6,5%.

But even with this growth boom, respondents in Philadelphia reported an average salary of $ 97.415 - almost $ 17.000 less than the average salary in Silicon Valley.

Of course, there is no sign that growth will continue - according to Dice, as the average technology salary in Philadelphia fell by 5% from 2015 to 2016.

According to the survey company, this happened because last year more high paid jobs were added to Philadelphia, as technology companies in the region rose sharply.

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