The CEO of Mt Gox behind the Silk Road?

Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles was investigated by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who suspected that he was behind Silk Road's online drug market. The information was revealed during the Ross Ulbricht trial in New York.BITCOIN Silk Road

DHS Special Agent Jared Der Yeghiayan said on Thursday that 2012 had evidence that led him to believe that Karpeles and his partner Ashley Barr were behind Silk Road.

The disclosure comes from Ulbricht's defense team, headed by Joshua Dratel's lawyer, who wants to convince the jury that Ulbricht founded the Silk Road, but it was not the Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) the online pseudonym used by the webmaster.

Sarah Jeong of Forbes, who along with other journalists is watching the case from the courtroom, wrote on Thursday that "the DHS agent's theory was that Karpeles was managing Silk Road to raise the price of Bitcoin."

The evidence, however, suggests that the theory of the DHS agent from the beginning to mid-2013 was that the Bitcoin exchange operated alongside Silk Road and that the investigations found that Mutum Sigilum's MT Gox and Karpeles subsidiary had registered under domain

Please note that the Mt Gox exchange closed without warning in February, declaring bankruptcy later that month.

At that time, 500.000.000 dollars were lost to Bitcoin. Ross Ulbricht's trial will continue on Tuesday.

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