Singularity Festival Heraklion, 23-29 September 2019

The Singularity Festival (SFW) is organized this year for the first time in his city Heraklion, Crete by 23 until September 29, aspiring to be an annual institution that will transform the city into an open networking platform and interactively connect the participants in a festival with parallel events throughout the city: conferences, meetings, workshops, speeches, discussions, exhibitions, "hackathons", "Open sessions", "study jams" and fun.

Technology, “Entertainment”, Entrepreneurship, Education, “Design”, Music, “Gaming”, Art, Hospitality, Tourism, “Performances”, “Interactive Media” are some of the modules that Singularity Festival would like to embrace giving a unique opportunity to all participants to face creative challenges, share skills and find ways to contribute to the whole.

Singularity Festival

In this first meeting, the Singularity Festival aims to encourage all local and global communities, businesses, organizations to promote the change of "mainstream thinking" and practices, to establish long-term partnerships and bonds but also to create new ones, highlighting how interaction, diversity and joint effort can lead to personal and collective development.

The Singularity Festival has just officially started and you can express your interest in becoming part of it by promoting your idea or organizing your event.

As the Singularity Festival promotes the most innovative and creative individuals, organizations and companies, it encourages creators, gamers, leaders, startups to submit proposals that want to be hosted at the Singularity Festival.

For more information visit the website and declare your candidacy here:

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