Auto Fill; collect data from online forms before you submit a submission

Do you use the Auto Fill feature? Most of you have filled in your details in some form (online forms) and before pressing "Submit" they regretted it for many different reasons. Many times the online forms are filled in with a double click, without having to type anything, since your data is stored in the "auto-fill" or auto-fill. 

Κατά τη διάρκεια μιας έρευνας, η ιστοσελίδα discovered that a code used by hundreds of websites invisibly collects every piece of information you fill in an online form before you hit “Send” or “Submit”.

online form Auto Fill

The code was developed by NaviStone once from Ohio who advertises herself as which reveals anonymous website visitors and can find their home addresses.

At the moment there are at least 100 websites that use the NaviStone code, according to BuiltWith, a service that discovers which technologies each website uses.

Gizmodo has reviewed dozens of these sites and found that their majority do not only collect email addresses from visitor auto fill, but also personal information such as home addresses and other stored information in autocomplete.

Using it JavaScript, these websites send the information stored in AutoFill or Auto Fill from various online forms to a server that uses “” as its domain name, and is owned by NaviStone. The information is collected even if someone closes the page immediately.

NaviStone of course refused to reveal anything, saying that "its technology is proprietary and we expect a patent".

Please note that some websites using the NaviStone code collect information from their visitors who are not even their customers.

",, and clothing site emailed us about the products we had in our carts using the email addresses we typed on the site but did not click Submit." reports Gizmodo.

After publishing the story, NaviStone has agreed not to collect emails from visitors.

If you do not believe them, disable Auto Fill immediately because your information is leaking.

In Chrome:

From Settings → Show advanced settings at the bottom find the section “Passwords and forms” and deselect “Enable Auto Fill.”

In Opera, from Settings → Auto-complete and disable it.

In , Preferences and click AutoFill to disable it.

Also, think twice before submitting your details to any online form. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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