"Almost perfect" real-time translation by Google

Η Google is preparing through its operating system, Android, its response to Microsoft and Skype Translator.


According to New York Times, Google intends to support translation in real time, through the improved Google Translate, while claiming that the results of the translation will be "almost perfect»!

With the new upgrade, Google Translate will be able to to translate real-time speech by writing text on the user screen. We remind you that Microsoft recently incorporated the feature into Skype with Skype Translator.

According to Google, the Translate application has installed more than 100 million times on Android smartphones, with the number of active users of the service on the various platforms to reach the huge number of monthly 500 million.

Finally, the Google is preparing the integration of the service Word Lens in the Google Translate app for translation of inscriptions through the mobile camera of the user, seeing the translation in real time.


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