Skype for Android with offline photo sharing support

If you communicate via Skype, and try to send a photo to a friend who is offline, you will be disappointed. From today, you can even send as many photos as you want to your offline friends, and they will receive them as soon as they open their mobile

The latest version of it Skype for Android and not only supports offline photo sharing, but also has the picture-in-picture feature on mobile phones. So you can leave Skype to open another application and you will still see the person you are talking to. This feature appeared on Android tablets in December 2013.

The company also announced that the new version of the app for iOS will once again support URI (uniform resource identifiers). This means that developers will be able to create connections within their applications, which will activate the Skype application to make a voice or video call. Of course, you need to have Skype installed on your iOS device.

Both versions are available at this time.

Skype for iOS and Android

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