Microsoft extension to Skype support 7

In mid-July Microsoft announced that it would stop supporting Skype in the 7 version after 1 September 2018.

But yesterday 27 September, Microsoft executives announced that support for the 7 release will expire on November 1 on desktops and 2018 November on 15 on mobile devices and tablets.Skype

Microsoft changed the date in July's blog post on the upcoming Skype 7 withdrawal.

The company says: "Although you will be able to use older versions for a while, we recommend that you update today to avoid any interruption."

In mid-July, Microsoft announced that the company was planning to suspend support for SkyRe 7, also known as Skype "Classic" on September 1. At that time, the company said that users had to install version 8 because those using Skype 7 on desktops with Windows could not connect to the service.

However, in early August, Microsoft began rethinking it when it received comments from too many dissatisfied users.

See the company's publication.


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