Skype with new theme and more colors

Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Insiders. The new Skype comes with some new features like a new theme selector & more color variations.

The preview app is available for Android, iOS and Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

The new Skype desktop has a very simple user interface. The following is the modern minimalist design with glyph icons and without borders. It is the design used in all Microsoft products.Skype

The application comes with a new theme selector that combines the theme of your choice and color. Inside the "Settings" menu you will find a drop-down menu "Appearance" that will help you easily manage the appearance of Skype.

The new colors have more contrast, improved visibility and allow you to control whether color alerts will appear in the "bubble" of your messages or the people you are talking to.

You can read above about the application from here.


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