Skype 8.66 up to 100 participants in one call

Microsoft started circulating Skype 8.66 to all users less than three weeks after its release as a preview.

The release notes for this latest release are no different from those released for the preview, and the biggest possibility is to add support for up to 100 participants in a call.


With the pandemic forcing us to work remotely, video conferencing platforms are now very popular due to the need for remote collaboration and networking. The company's Teams platform from Redmond has the capacity to accommodate up to 300 participants, but Skype was limited to 50, to date.

Of course, Teams is aimed at businesses and offers much more functionality for remote collaboration.

But small businesses, educators, and students using Skype for meetings today will be able to add up to 100 participants from the desktop, web, or mobile app.

Additionally, the new version fixes some bugs:

  • New messages did not appear at the top of recent messages.
  • Language settings changed automatically to English.
  • Logout freezes in the Android app.
  • Problems uploading or downloading files.
  • Problems with favorites that disappear in the Windows contacts list.

Microsoft says the release of the new version will be gradual, so it will take a few days for everyone to see the update.



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