Skype upgrade with many new features

Microsoft updates Skype applications on various operating systems in 8.61 version. Replaces React Native Skype for Windows 10 with an Electron version and adds some new features.

"As of June 2020, Skype for Windows 10 and Skype for Desktop will become one," says Microsoft Support. This does not mean that there will be only one Skype application for Windows 10. The company will continue to support and update both versions of Skype for Windows 10. We are talking about the Store application and the Desktop application, with the ability to download Desktop version from

The new Skype application for Windows 10 brings some new features, such as support for nine videos in one video call. Other new features include:

  • Shutdown options have been updated so you can easily shut down Skype or stop it from starting automatically when the operating system starts.
  • Improved icon, which will inform you about new messages and presence status.
  • Share files directly from File Explorer.
  • Background replacement.
  • Coordinating conversations.
  • Improvements to Meet Now
  • Improved call controls
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Microsoft has also stopped supporting some features in version 14, including integration with Share Charm and syncing with Outlook contacts. The support page states that these features are "not yet supported" in Skype for Windows 10.

Microsoft this week began testing consumer-focused capabilities for the mobile versions of the Teams team-building platform. But no one from Microsoft has publicly stated that the company's plan is to replace Skype with the new Teams application. At present, many of the company argue that there is a special need and space for a group chat / calling application such as Skype, but also a complete collaboration system such as Teams.

Skype users will be automatically upgraded to the latest version, on whatever platform and version of the application they use.

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