Skype with background blur, no guarantees

Microsoft has launched new Skype updates that add background blur to video calls.

This feature will allow you to have a cloudy background while in video calls, which may be needed if there is something you want to hide behind.

Background Blur is a feature Microsoft announced during the Ignite 2018 conference.

The new feature uses AI, and Microsoft says it will keep your background cloudy on video calls, but it can not guarantee that it will be permanent. This means that you still have to watch what is happening behind you if you do not want others to see it.

Skype background blur without guarantees

"We do everything we can to make your background always blurry, but we can not guarantee that it will always be" he says Microsoft for the new version of the application.

To activate the function when making a call, follow these steps:

Point your mouse over the screen to display the video options.
Hover over the video icon to display more options and turn on "Blur my background". After activation according to the company, your background will be cloudy for those who see you.

This feature, according to the company, works on desktop chat editions, but so far it does not seem to be released yet Microsoft Store.



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