Skype extension for Chrome: works with Gmail, Outlook and Twitter

Microsoft has released an update of the Skype extension for Google Chrome, which adds the ability to integrate video calls into Gmail, Outlook and Twitter.

The browser extension is already available from the Google Chrome web store. This extension has allowed you to share the sites you visit with your Skye contacts.

Today's Skype update for Google Chrome improves the functionality of the extension.Skype

Microsoft's publication on Skye's official blog mentions all the changes. Changes include the ability to add Skye connection calls to messages, calendar events, or Twitter.

The extension currently supports Gmail, Outlook and Twitter. You can add the "join my Skyre video call" link to emails in Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, or Outlook events.

Let's make it clear that when writing Outlook, we refer to, the web-based instant messaging service, and not Outlook, the desktop application.

The Skype extension adds a new button to the service interface from where users can click to add a call link to a message.

It works in a similar way for Twitter, only you can add the link to your Twitter messages directly from the button you see in the above picture.

Chrome users who have installed the older version of the extension may have already received the update.

If you do not have it, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store.

The extension is also available for Firefox, but Microsoft does not say anything about an update to the Firefox add-on in its release.

Skype for Chrome

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