Skype for Linux: The first Beta is here

Microsoft has just released a new version of Skype for Linux. This time the new update does not come as a sub-version of Alpha but it seems to be the first Beta of the popular application for the Linux platform.

This release was expected as Skype develops the Alpha version from 2016, aiming at the withdrawal of the ancient 4.3 version.Skype for Linux

This update includes features that make it much easier to use Skype on Linux. In addition to performance improvements and bug fixes, the following new features are available:

Call Updates: Calls to mobile and fixed with Skype (the service is charged), calls (1-1) from Linux to Skype users with the latest versions of Skype for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
Better cooperation: Linux users can now see the screens of their interlocutors using desktop client Skype (Windows 7.33 and above, Mac 7.46 and above).

The Beta version contains several usability enhancements: Unity launcher showing the number of unread conversations, online contacts in your contact list with options away and do not disturb.

You can download Skype for Linux Beta in 5.0 from the page

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