Skype for Web, the new service only supports Edge and Chrome

Microsoft's Skype team officially presented new Skype for Web yesterday after a long development period that lasted more than two years.

During the testing phase Microsoft allowed access only through Microsoft Edge but through Google Chrome. If someone was trying to connect to another browser, there was a message saying that the browser is not supported.
Skype for Web
So many people were hoping that Microsoft would release a final version of Skype for Web compatible with other browsers.

But despite the hopes of the friends of the application, the final version still displays the message "browser not supported" in all other browsers except Edge and Chrome.

So if you try to connect to Firefox, Opera will not do it. On the other hand Vivaldi and Brave can connect. The strange thing is that the company does not allow connection to the Opera browser, which also uses Chromium. Obviously there will be something else that prevents access.

Microsoft's announcement on the official Skype Blog confirms browser requirements and reports that Skype for Web runs on Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.12 and later. Linux is not mentioned, nor any other browsers other than Chrome and Edge.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Skype for Web. You can now enjoy our latest features from any desktop (Windows 10 and Mac OSX10.12 or higher) with the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft does not give any explanation as to why the new version of Skype for Web does not work in Firefox and Opera browsers.

Microsoft released yesterday also the Skype 8 version for Windows computers.

Here is to say that as long as Microsoft is preparing the new Chromium-based Edge, things are only likely to get worse instead of getting better. The dominance of Chrome on the Internet will definitely have an impact on compatibility issues for Firefox and the web itself.

As far as Skype and Microsoft are concerned, there may be repairs later, as they can not ignore the market share that Firefox uses.


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