Skype Insider Preview

Microsoft announced today Another Skype preview version for Insiders. Skype version, includes an option that allows you to disable incoming video streams.

This feature is available on Android, iOS devices and on desktops of Windows, Linux and Mac.Skype

Skype's new preview application has a much simpler user interface. It follows the modern trend of minimalist design with glyph icons and without borders anywhere. This design is used in all the latest Microsoft products.

So today Microsoft released the following versions: which is available for devices with Android, iOS, on the Web, but also in applications for Mac, Linux and Windows (store version for Windows
and Skype Lite Preview version for Android 4+ devices

The key feature of this version is the ability to turn off incoming videos.

Poor network connection? Are you in the car and can not look at your phone? Do you want to save data while on the go? You can now turn off incoming video in our latest version of Skype Insider! You can find the option below + when you see an incoming call.

For mobile devices, the new version brings an updated main menu that does not include unnecessary features to make room for new features such as disabling incoming videos.

There is also a feature in this version that allows you to set a default file storage location.


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