Skype for Windows 10 with separate chat windows

In a previous publication we had mentioned that Microsoft will withdraw the classic Skype application in November of 2018.

One of the most popular features, Split View, will eventually appear in the modern Store application called Skype for Windows 10.Skype for Windows 10

Separation view is a special feature of the application that allows you to have each conversation in a separate window rather than all of them in a single window that merges with the contact table.

This feature is only available to users using the App Preview version. To test the function, you need to click the three-dot button (“…”) and then select “Enable Split View mode” from the menu.

Just after the main window will only show your contacts. A double-click on any contact will open a new discussion window.

To reset the default view, use the Open Recent Conversations button available in the upper-left corner of any chat window. Also, the "Separation" function can be deactivated from the main menu ("…").

This new feature will appeal to users of the old Skype app.
Skype for Windows 10 is available at Microsoft Store. Depending on the Insider program settings you are using, you will see the or version.


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