Create a Sleep Study report on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a nice feature called Sleep Study that can tell you the power consumption of your system.


Available in devices that support the Modern Standby / Instant Go mode. In this article we will see what is included in this report and how to create it.

Η sleep mode study shows you how well your system slept when it was suspended , και πόση δραστηριότητα εκδηλώθηκε κατά τη αυτής της περιόδου. Ενώ βρίσκεται σε “αναστολή λειτουργίας” (sleep), το σύστημα εξακολουθεί να κάνει κάποιες εργασίες, αν και σε χαμηλότερη συχνότητα. Επειδή η προκύπτουσα κατανάλωση ενέργειας της ς δεν είναι εύκολα αντιληπτή, η Microsoft έχει συμπεριλάβει το εργαλείο Sleep Study από τα .1 and later, to allow the user to monitor what is happening. This tool has a very low impact on battery life while monitoring battery draining activities.

The Instant Go function, also known as Connected Standby, is a modern power supply model that works in close cooperation between software (firmware,drivers, operating system) and hardware with System on Chip (“SoC”), for suspend operation.

In modern standby mode, the computer uses the low power S0 model. In this model, the computer has the flexibility to set the default behavior to restrict network activity while in a low-power mode.

The effects of reducing energy consumption from sleep or inactivity states can be seen after you have created a relevant report. This report is called System Power Report and you must be logged in to an Administrator account to proceed to the next steps.

To create the Sleep Study report in Windows 10, do the following:
Step 1: Open one commands with administrator privileges.
Step 2: Type or copy-paste the following command:

 /SleepStudy /output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\sleepstudy.

This command will generate a new report for the last 3 days.

The next command is the same report but with a set number of DAYS.

powercfg / SleepStudy / output% USERPROFILE% \ Desktop \ sleepstudy.html / Duration DAYS

In the above two commands the report is written as an html file and is located on your desktop. It is also possible to save the report to a file , as for example with the following command (report for 3 days):

powercfg / SleepStudy / output% USERPROFILE% \ Desktop \ sleepstudy.xml / XML

Finally, you can specify the number of days and for the XML format, write the following.

powercfg / SleepStudy / output% USERPROFILE% \ Desktop \ sleepstudy.xml / XML / Duration DAYS

The HTML page with the results of Sleep Study HTML is designed so you can easily read it and interpret it. See below from our own computer,

Note: You can run the command "powercfg / sleepstudy /?" At the command prompt to see additional powercfg options.

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