Self-destructive BlackBerry-Boeing smartphone

BlackBerry is working with Boeing to create a secure one smartphone, which can be self-defeating. 

BlackBerry-Boeing smartphone

This technology may remind us of the Mission Impossible series, but it can not go beyond the realm of the fiction, as Boeing appears to be in talks with BlackBerry for that purpose.

Boeing had developed it Black Phone, an Android smartphone that offered complete protection to its user, through the encryption of all communications. BlackBerry is reportedly working on the smartphone, while the company's CEO, John Chen, announced that BlackBerry is working with Boeing to create a secure communication infrastructure on Android devices, while using BES 12, the latest version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which is considered one of the most secure means of electronic communication. John Chen gave no other information about what exactly this collaboration involves.

Boeing already offers the Black Phone to selected consumers while enabling two SIM cards to operate on more than one mobile network, and can be used with biometric sensors for even more security.


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