Smartphone for the 1 / 4 of the Earth's population to the end of 2015

The 1 / 4 of the Earth's population will use smartphone as the end of 2015, according to eMarketer estimates.

As mentioned in relevant publication on the SEA website, based on estimates, this year the number of smartphone users will exceed 1,9 bn from about 1,65 billion that was 2014, which is an increase of 16,8%. At the same time, this number represents 42,9% of the total number of those using a mobile phone.smartphones

The ground for the smartphone market will remain "fertile", as up to 2018, according to eMarketer estimates, more than a third of consumers globally or 2,56 two people will use smartphones internationally.

Analysts of the company argue that, on 2018, one in two mobile owners will be smartphone (51,7%).

Throughout the reporting period, the company examines (2015-2018), the growth rates for the smartphone market are projected to be positive, although clearly lower than in previous years. Specifically, for the next year, the estimate is that the number of smart smartphone owners will exceed 2,1 twice, increased by 12,6% compared to this year, and will reach 2,4 by 2017 twice, recording a new increase by 10,4%.

The most populous market for smartphones is and will remain the one of China, which is estimated that about 520 million "smart" mobiles 2014 will reach 575 million this year, targeting 625 million 2016, 672 million 2017 and finally, 704 million 2018.

Dynamics will continue to show the US market, where the number of smartphone users from 165 million 2014 will be launched to 220 2018 (184 million users 2015, 198 2016, 211 2017).

The third-largest global market for smartphone makers will be India's 123 million 2014, 168 million this year, 204 million 2016, 244 million 2017 and 280 2018 almost XNUMX.

In the "top 10" of the biggest markets for smartphones, this year also includes Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain and North Korea. Indeed, Russia will be able to overcome Japan's performance this year and become the fourth-largest smartphone market in the world.

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