Smartwatch € 99 from Alcatel in Europe in March of 2015

In March of 2015 is expected to make its debut of Alcatel's first smartwatch, the biggest advantage of which is at least for the time being. AlcatelAlcatel Onetouch Smartwatch will be sold instead of 99 euros in Europe and will be able to chat on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Alcatel's watch is limited to the features for which smartwatch is already known, such as measuring some basic parameters of human body activity and moving them to a compatible smartphone for analysis and processing by a related app. Alcatel Onetouch smartwatch can also turn on your smartphone's camera, transfer notifications to your wrist, and control your music playback.

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch presented at CES 2015 is the first member of a range of smart but affordable clocks that the Alcatel.

The company uses its Freespace software Hillcrest Labs to exploit the clock sensor data.

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