Coming antivirus for SmartWatches

Antivirus for SmartWatches? And yet, Intel has announced that it will add to McAfee Mobile Security Suite support for the upcoming LG Watch Urbane LTE as reported by TheVerge.Smartwatch antivirus

The company believes that smartwatches collect data, such as a user's heart rate, and that their users care about securing their personal files. "I think every device connected to your network should be protected," said Brian Krzanich, CEO.

While some may not consider the idea of ​​a traditional one necessary antivirus on their wrist that will scan their SmartWatch for malware, all these devices are connected to your phone and some even have their own SIM card for mobile connectivity could be violated like any smartphone.

But instead of stand-alone applications, it would be better to develop embedded security measures for platforms like Android Wear and WebOS to build increased security measures.

What do you think?

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