SMBdoor backdoor PoC: inspired by the NSA

SMBdoor: A security researcher created a new backdoor inspired by NSA's malicious software leaked in the spring of 2017.

The new malware is called SMBdoor and is the work of Sean Dillon, a security researcher at RiskSence (@zerosum0x0).


Dillon designed SMBdoor as a Windows kernel driver, which, once installed on a computer, logs APIs not registered in the srvnet.sys process to register as a valid process for SMB (Server Message Block) connections.

Malicious software is unbelievable as it does not connect to local slots, open ports, and does not fit into existing features, thus avoiding the activation of virus protection alerts.

His design was inspired by a similar behavior that Dillon observed in DoublePulsar and DarkPulsar, two NSA-designed malware designed by the The Shadow Brokers hacking team.

However, some users may be wondering (and rightly so): Why did a security researcher create malware?

Dillon told ZDNet that the SMBdoor code is not armed and that cybercriminals can not download it from GitHub to infect users in the same way they can download and develop versions of the NSA DoublePulsar.

Let us also mention that each PoC that is circulated by researchers is recorded and analyzed by security companies and security software providers as well as by PoC software developers /

"SMBdoor comes with practical limitations that make it mostly academic research, but I thought it would be interesting to share it."

There are restrictions on PoC that an intruder must overcome, ”he added. "The most important limitation is that modern Windows tries to block the core code without a valid digital signature.




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