Smersh: Tool specially designed for pentesters

Smersh is a tool specifically designed for pentesters, used to monitor the progress of work in a company and create interactions between them.

preview fake mission 1024x324

Project architecture

SMERSH uses many docker containers in its architecture, which means you have to allow some services. Below you will find the complete list of doors you need to open. In addition, you will see the shape that composes the database.

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Ports mapping

ContainerDefault DNS
Apiapi. {DOMAIN}
Bitwardenbitwarden. {DOMAIN}
serviceOM DOMAIN}
CodiMDcodimd. {DOMAIN}

Application life cycle

SMERSH is designed in such a way that the person in charge of each company prepares the target and all that remains is for the pentester to fill in the vulnerabilities identified during the audit.

uml smersh


Installation of the program

Information about installing the program, you will find here.



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