Panhellenic results 2023 by SMS

From today, Thursday, June 15 and until next Friday, June 23, the platform of the Ministry of Education will be open for the candidates of the Panhellenic 2023 to register or confirm their mobile phone and receive their results and scores by SMS.

To register their mobile phone they must enter the smsresults CLICKING HERE using the data of their participation in the National Examinations.skjdfhsdjintime

If they are not notified by SMS, they will be able to access the application, where by typing their eight-digit code and the first letter of their surname, first name, patronymic and patronymic, in capital letters, they will they can be informed in detail about their score and the school they have passed.

Panhellenic results 2023: When are grades and bases released?

The ratings are expected to come out after the election, towards the end of June, and the bases will come out most likely in late July, early August at the latest.

The marks will be posted above and will be sent to the candidates via SMS on their mobile phone.

Until Monday, July 17, candidates will have a deadline to submit the Computerized Form 2023 for their admission to a HEI or the Parallel Computerized Report (P.M.D.) for their admission to a Public IEK.

In each scientific field, the bases are expected to move as follows:

Humanities: No significant changes compared to last year are expected. The sought-after schools of Law, Psychology, etc. they will retain the same admission ticket, with minor fluctuations.
Positive Sciences: No significant changes are expected compared to the previous year.
of Health and Life Sciences: In this field, the largest number of excellent people is concentrated. Bases at high-demand schools are expected to be similar to last year, possibly with slight fluctuations.
Economics and IT Sciences: In this field, the bases are expected to remain at the same levels as last year with small fluctuations in the medium and low scores, and a small increase in the high scores. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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