sn0int: OSINT framework and package manager

Sn0int is an OSINT framework and package management program. Built for IT security professionals and bug hunters, to collect information from a specific target or your computer.

It is an attack application with semi-automatic information processing and mapping of results in a unified format for monitoring surveys.


  • Συγκομιδή υποτομέων από αρχεία καταγραφής και παθητικών
  • Enrich IP addresses with asn and geoip information
  • Collect emails from pgp and whois key servers
  • Discover broken links in breaches
  • Find someone's profiles on the Internet
  • Καταμετρήστε τοπικά με μοναδικές τεχνικές όπως το παθητικό arp
  • Gather information about phone numbers
  • Try to bypass Cloudflare with shodan
  • Collect data and images from Instagram profiles
  • Scan images for nude content

It is largely inspired by recon-ng and maltego, but remains more flexible and is fully open source. None of the queries listed above are source-coded; instead, they are provided by modules running in a sandbox.

You can easily extend sn0int by writing your own sections and sharing them with other users by posting them in the sn0int registry. This allows you to send updates to your modules yourself.

Information on using and installing the program can be found here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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