SnoopSnitch protects Android devices from fake mobile networks

Why SnoopSnitch; The so-called IMSI-Catchers and StingRays act like fake mobile pillars sitting between mobile devices (such as smartphones) and the actual towers used by mobile operators.

These fake towers can intercept the communication of mobile devices to monitor the person's movement of the phone and also to manage the device remotely.

The SnoopSnitch is a totally new application for Android devices that provides mobile phone owners with information about the potential threats that exist in their area.
SnoopSnitch dashboard

Note: The application requires root access. In addition, it runs only on Android 4.1 or later operating system versions and requires a Qualcomm chipset. The application has been successfully tested on Moto E and G, Sony Xperia Z1, LG G2, Samsung S3 Neo and Samsung S4. Other devices like Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 are currently not supported.

You can download the application from Google Play or directly from project website. You can also download the source code and install the application in a local development environment.sc_catcher_hour

What is he doing;

The app "collects and analyzes mobile radio data" while running to warn you of potential threats, such as fake base stations, user monitoring and over-the-air updates.

After installing the application, you can run threats testing. Tests include placing an outgoing call to a number that is always busy, and sending an SMS to an invalid number.

The creators of the application note that service charges may apply even if they are unlikely in the majority of cases. So they advise you to use prepaid SIM cards for your tests as they provide better options to control these fees.

Application users can load their test results to a remote server. The data sent by all users to the server is available to all users of the application. This means that users can access all security events and suspicious activities provided they are sent to the server.

An application is also relevant IMSI Catcher Detector but focuses only on false base stations.

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