Snopes: finally working with Facebook

The well-known website Snopes, which rejected several reports that they wanted her relationship with Facebook tense, stopped collaborating with the largest social network.

Snopes for the story:

Snopes started volunteering with Facebook in 2016, and the following year reportedly received $ 100.000 for its social networking services.

However, on Friday the company said that reconsider the provision of such services:Snopes

We are currently evaluating the implications and costs of providing third party data control services and want to ensure with certainty that our efforts to help any platform are positive for our online community, our publications and our staff.

Snopes founder David Mikkelson said: "We felt that the Facebook event control partnership did not work well for us as a company."

But information from a recent Guardian article interviewing former Snope employees described a "turbulent" partnership.

But the founder of Snopes, on the other hand, strongly disagreed with this characterization and the reports that wanted Facebook to intervene and unfairly influence the fact-finding program.
Mikkelson said Facebook never told them what to check.

Another senior Snope executive, Danny Green, said the process needed to be improved:

A manual system and a closed system, it is impossible to hold. At some point, we have to step foot and say: No. You need to create an API.

This was definitely one of the reasons that Snopes refused to renew its annual contract with Facebook. As for the others, no one can say for sure, as the rumors are not so favorable for Facebook.
On the other hand, the Associated Press is reportedly in talks with Facebook to take full control of the validity of the news in 2019.




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