The SOC – Security Operation Center of the EYP

An operational center equipped with state-of-the-art machinery will be set up in the National Intelligence Service and will form the new "headquarters" which will be a shield against hacker attacks that will try to bring down the basic structures of the state.kyvernoasfaleia

This is the Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC – Security Operation Center), of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). The SOC, using the most modern technologies, will be responsible for monitoring, detecting and reacting to cyber threats and security breaches of the country's state digital infrastructure.

The Center will operate in the Directorate of Cyberspace and will be staffed by specialized scientific staff of the Service.

With this project, a complex network of initiatives will soon be completed, through which E.Y.P. assumes a coordinating – central role in protecting the sensitive networks of State Agencies.

The SOC comes to complement and strengthen the actions of the E.Y.P.'s Electronic Attack Response Team, which works to support all Central Government agencies in matters related to the prevention, early warning and response to cyber attacks, strengthening the role of the Service as a National Authority for Countering Electronic Attacks.

The Cyber ​​Security Operations Center is an important link in the early warning and prevention of cyber attacks on sensitive systems of the Central Administration.

It is a set of cutting-edge technological and digital tools that will be operated by specially trained personnel in cyber security with the aim of monitoring, detecting and reacting to cyber threats and security breaches of government digital infrastructures.

The Center will be staffed by specialized personnel of the National Intelligence Service, as well as by specialized scientific personnel of the country who will have extensive experience and similar training in cyber security issues. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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