Social Media contribute to the outcome of the election with false news?

After the US presidential elections that brought Donald Trump to the post of President of the United States, long talks began on how much social media can affect and whether the false news has contributed to the outcome.

To this end, Google and Facebook have announced that they will prohibit the use of their networks for advertising on bogus pages, thereby significantly reducing their revenue streams.SOCIAL MEDIA

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refuted various allegations that the social network wanted to show fake news that affected the election results, stating that "more than 99% of the news circulating is authentic."

Even if we take seriously Zuckerberg's claim, (as we have to consider that the view of "fake news that affects election results" on Social Media may come from voters of the opposite party), the 1 percent of all content that circulated on Facebook still includes too many posts and so misinformation is a fact.

Naturally no one can say for sure that the movement of Social Media and search engines will stop the flow of fake news all over the Web. No company is committed and has not stated how it intends to improve its methods of identifying and blocking such content.

However, Gizmodo has said it will release an updated Facebook version aimed at identifying and removing all sorts of fake news. This feature is believed to have been frozen as it affected disproportionately right-wing news sites.

Earlier this month, the BuzzFeed News found that teenagers and young adults from the Republic of Macedonia were running websites that falsely published news and supported Hillary Clinton to make money from ads.

So it's likely that Google's and Facebook's move comes will prevent these websites from receiving revenue from their ad networks by limiting their growth.

Let's hope that Social Media will discover more sophisticated ways of sniffing false content because those they are using so far do not seem to pay off.

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