Dear candidate do not invest in social media in these elections if you have not already done so

In various candidate and party offices throughout the country at the moment, a consultant, expert, ninja, communications scientist, says something that Obama has managed to make use of SOCIAL MEDIA to create a "grass root movement" that led him to the US presidency. Those of you who are candidates or party staffs do yourself a favor and ignore him. They will offer you absolutely nothing at this stage. They are more likely to do you harm than good.SOCIAL MEDIA

The reasons are too many, but let us summarize them in the two most important. First you do not have enough time to set up something serious and important in SOCIAL MEDIA and generally on the internet if you have not already done so. Second, the most likely thing is not to do it well.

The first does not require much explanation. As for the second? A serious candidate-level campaign requires at least setting up the right sites, texts, creatively, finding people or groups to post content on social networks and most importantly having the responsibility of doing a lot of small tasks that may seem easy but are not . The minimum is photo editing, video editing, content modification depending on the medium that will be uploaded and generally many many small but important that if done on the knee will spoil the image instead of making it.

If we are now discussing a party, things are even more demanding. Continuous creative productions are needed, multiples in volume compared to a single candidate. They need banners. Messaging Simplification Procedures. Find, evaluate and educate volunteers. The keyword management strategy for search engines, checking who writes correctly and what needs to be purchased to fill the gap needs constant measurement and optimization. Keep checking and measuring whether the right messages in social networks like Facebook that have a complicated display selection algorithm reach the right audience and all that's just needed.

It is understandable that there are too many variables that it is not easy to control if all of this has not been designed and thoroughly studied early. It is extremely difficult to find people who have the requisite specialized knowledge even at market level, let alone at the level of party mechanisms. As if it did not reach this, there is the most difficult to control variable. The complete ignorance of party mechanisms for basic communication principles in the SOCIAL MEDIA. Most people think that a good strategy is to talk nonsense on twitter and fight with opponents. In the past, blog response groups were in vogue. Rarely is there a provision for spreading messages through media with specific targets, a look at the parties' facebook pages where press releases from the leader or spokesman's statements are usually posted.

How little the party mechanisms in Greece are cooked on these issues is shown by the incredible blunders they have made. The most recent was when ND put the central slogan "New Greece" and SY.RIZ.A bought the domain that was available because no one thought to buy it lest they set up a serious campaign on the searches of "New Greece" ”. Personally, I have a wonderful story to answer in a simple tweet that I was waiting for approval and final text from the political planning office of a large party for four days.

In conclusion, dear candidate or contact person of the party. Make a favor for yourself and us who will be forced to block or hide you. Limit to simple. Run a banner campaign to send to your site and up there. Make some retargeting. The other wants trouble, resources and time you do not have. If you do it for a long time and with the appropriate team, the conversation changes. The ninja mentioned above that told you how to become the new Obama or how to become a viral is irrelevant and dangerous and it is good to throw him out with kicks.

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