78% wants to quit social media. Why are they staying?

A different social media survey has been published. Research conducted by digital security company Kaspersky Lab * shows that the overwhelming majority of people want to abandon social networks, often because it simply considers them a waste of time. According to the survey, most decide to remain users of social media such as the Facebook the Instagram, etc. mainly because they fear they will lose their digital memories and contact with friends. SOCIAL MEDIA

Maintaining friendly contact is a difficult problem to solve, but Kaspersky Lab is working on a solution to help users store their digital memories. An application called FFForget will allow people to back up all their memories from the social media they use and keep them in a secure encrypted memory store. The application is expected to give people the freedom to leave any network whenever they want it, without losing valuable information to them. 

Previous research has shown a strong tendency among respondents to use digital devices as an "external help" of their memory.

Other investigations have also shown that people can not resist not controlling their social media conversations, or check their status updates on their phones.

However, this latest survey shows that users are highly self-critical about their action and are aware of their persistence - 39% of respondents said they believe they are wasted on social networks. Almost 78% said it has already considered the possibility of leaving the social networks to which it belongs.

Despite their tendency to abandon them SOCIAL MEDIA, people feel compelled to stay. The overwhelming majority (62%) thinks they will lose contact with friends if they leave social media. 21% of respondents did not worry so much about friends but feared they would not be able to recover digital memories, such as photos, once they left a social network.

 "Social media can be useful or dangerous. If they are useful, it is not our problem. We believe that each person has the right to decide freely which platforms he wants to use or if he wants to abandon them all at any time. True digital freedom is not an issue worth making sacrifices. We want people to return to the "driver's seat", having in their possession an encrypted copy of all their digital memories at all times, commented Evgeny Chereshnev, head of Kaspersky Lab's Social Media.

"With the FFForget application we want to create a solution that will help people not be afraid to lose their memories either due to a malfunction in their account or due to hacking (digital attacks). And most importantly - people who use this app will regain their right to leave any social network at any time, without losing what belongs to them - their digital life. "

FFForget release is scheduled for 2017. Interested users can subscribe to the site http://ffforget.kaspersky.com to provide their feedback and influence the scope of the application. They will also receive updates, information and have quick access to the public beta as soon as it becomes available.


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*OR Kaspersky Lab conducted an online survey among 4.831 respondents. The survey, which included eight questions, was translated into nine languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese and Turkish, and was programmed using the poll tool "Poll Daddy". The link with the research shared through paid app registrations Facebook and Twitter.

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