Soda Player direct streaming from torrent and magnet links

Soda Player for instant video playback via BitTorrent. Open and play magnet and torrent links instantly.

Supports DHT, PEX, UDP trackers and all other basic BitTorrent technologies to give you maximum speed.

Protect your privacy, opt for a network block, and bypass your ISP with the built-in SOCKS5 proxy server.

The application has extremely fast SOCKS5 proxies that have been optimized for BitTorrent. No configuration is required, as the application comes with the SOCKS5 proxy already built in and just running.
The built-in SOCKS5 proxy server for BitTorrent will have a very low subscription cost (for those interested, but it is cheaper than VPN), but the application is free.

Supports all Apple TVs, all Chromecasts and all Chromecasts (Android TVs, modern TVs, etc.).

Supports 1080p video and up to 4K compatible devices (Chromecast Ultra, NVIDIA SHIELD, etc.).

Supports subtitles and automatically downloads them to your language.

An advanced matching algorithm automatically downloads subtitles to your language from, the world's largest subtitle database.

Supports subtitles embedded in MKV files, subtitles in BitTorrent files and subtitles in the same folder or subfolders for local files.

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