SoftPerfect Network Scanner: See who is connected to your Wi-Fi

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is an easy to use που ανιχνεύει οποιαδήποτε is connected to your network.

softperfect network scanner

You can use SoftPerfect Network Scanner in your home to see how many devices are connected to your network and to see if someone is connected to your Internet without you knowing.

You can find the inner one IP μιας συγκεκριμένης συσκευής, όπως για παράδειγμα το σας. Οι χρήστες μπορούν επίσης να ξεκινήσουν απομακρυσμένους τερματισμούς λειτουργίας. Αυτό το βοηθητικό πρόγραμμα υποστηρίζει τόσο την ανακάλυψη IPv4 όσο και την IPv6.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner can ping computers, scan ports, discover shared folders, and retrieve almost all information about network devices via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH, and PowerShell. It offers flexible filtering and display options and exports NetScan in a variety of formats from XML to JSON.

Για να κάνει ανίχνευση των IPs θα πρέπει να του δώσετε ένα εύρος IPs και αν είναι δυνατόν, ερκέτα στενό έτσι ώστε να μην κάνει long time.

Supported platforms: until 10, R2 to 2019, and macOS 10.8 to 11+. It is also available as a portable version.

The unpaid version of the software lists up to 10 devices that are more than enough for home use.

Download: Soft Perfect Network Scanner The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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