Does MacBook come with solar power?

macbookCould MacBooks soon become more environmentally friendly, but even more stylish, by eliminating the… power cord?

At the beginning of the week, Apple patented a new screen believed to have solar cells from the outside.

According to the technology website CNET, the American Patent and Patent Office granted the Kuverton Company patent for an "electronic device monitor", which describes a dual-screen display for a portable computer such as MacBook. One side will be a normal screen while the back will consist of solar cells, a secondary display and touch sensors.

As mentioned in the official document filed for the first time nearly four years ago, the dual screen could be made from a variety of materials, from metal and ceramic to glass and fibrous composites. Located on many levels, these materials could display different information, e.g. its famous apple Apple.

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"The back plate could be made of electrochromic glass," Apple spokeswoman said. "Photovoltaic cells may be placed under the back plate to produce energy with the help of an external light source."It is unclear whether the group will eventually decide to apply the .NUMX patent MacBook or one of its next series of laptops. But evolution is so much discussed in Apple's web pages and forums, and most probably hope that the patent will become a reality.

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