Sony is trying to stop DDoS from downloading stolen data

New ones leaks confidential internal documents of Sony appear daily, while the company works together with the FBI in an attempt to verify who is intruder.
The Recode he says today that Sony it has started the development (unorthodox) methods to stop or slow down users That try to download their data through technology peer-to-peer.

According to the publication, Sny develops fake "seeds ” που they fill them up applications torrent sites with false traffic. It Recode notes that this one the same method was used from the company many years ago to try to prevent movie downloads.

Η method is basically an attack Distributed Denial of Service against all of them That try to download the files, and slows down finally the download ή even stops it.

Another Publication earlier this week, it's mentioned that the same Sony he shared the files through of servers of company located in Amazon Web Services and hosting also the network PlayStation. This tactic could actually to be η method that uses The company to stop The downloads. Of course, the use of DDoS is illegal, but as we know the laws do not apply to everyone.

Sony refused to comment about its publication Recode. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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