Sony: seeks compensation for jailbroken PS4 consoles

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Sony) is seeking $ 16.000 in compensation from a person who marketed jailbroken PS4 consoles full of pirated games. As the pirate did not respond to the company's call, Sony filed a lawsuit and is asking the court to issue an absentee verdict for violating the provisions of the DMCA.

For many years, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) remained an invincible stronghold in cracker attacks.
This started to change slowly during the summer of 2017 that released a first jailbreak. A year later the jailbreak tool was upgraded, and the popular console is now a victim of pirates.Sony

The rise of piracy has prompted the Japanese company to take a stand. Last October, he filed a lawsuit against a man from California, accusing him of selling jailbroken PS4s full of pirated games.

According to Sony, defendant Eric Scales used "Blackcloak13" as a pseudonym to sell jailbroken PS4s containing dozens of pirated games via eBay. In addition, it had its own website, informing those interested that they could "stop buying toys" and use pirated copies.
In the months following Sony's complaint to the federal court in California, not much was done, as the defendant did not respond. So last week Sony filed a new request stating:

Defendant Eric David Scales advertises and sells jailbroken PlayStation®4 game consoles on eBay. These "jailbroken" PS4 consoles are loaded with pirated copies of PS4 video games.

Sony continues to charge $ 800 for the two consoles sold and another $ 200 per pirated game for breaches of DMCA law. So with the 76 games contained in the consoles, the total damage according to the company amounts to $ 16.800.

Copies of Sony's complaints (pdf) (pdf 1), published by TorrentFreak.

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