Sony launches "The Interview" on the Internet

Available on the Internet for rent or purchase will be from Wednesday night the movie "The Interview».

In particular, Sony Pictures has decided to make it available to popular services such as Google Play, YouTube Movies and the Xbox Network.Interview Interview The Interview

Sony Pictures also announced that the film could be hired on the company's dedicated website, where cinema fans can watch it in high quality HD (High Definition).

At the same time, Sony Pictures said it was looking for other collaborations for the wider distribution of the film, whose official premiere was canceled a few days ago due to the cyber-attacks that have accepted its computer systems. Washington blames for North Korea's assault.

Earlier, the US CNN had reported that Google Inc.'s YouTube service agreed to distribute Sony Pictures' film by offering it for rent on Thursday.

The release of the film over the Internet begins one day before the film is screened in a limited number of US cinemas.

As the BBC's Dave Lee pointed out, the release of the film will only take place in the US.

Information: RES-EAP

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