Do you remember the SOPA bill? Poor news, she's disguised

When the bill SOUP was voted down a few months ago, many enjoyed, believing that the war was over. But it was a victory in the battle, and the war was good.

The bill Stop Online Piracy Act has the stucco to "break" into amendments and thus pass into US law and not just as the RT.


The US Department of Commerce, therefore, has asked Congress to increase penalties for copyright infringers through streaming. This provision was in the SOPA bill.

According to a recent Ministry of Commerce report, the Internet Policy Task Force is asking Congress to reconsider an important part of SOPA that could penalize those uploading content to streaming services.

This means anyone uploading a video to YouTube and does not have the copyright could be subject to the sanctions of the law.
Today's law wants the violation to be misdemeanor. If, however, it changes with the addition of this provision, the same offense will be considered a felony, so the penalties will be much stricter.

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