Sophia Script Wrapper is an easy-to-use application

The Sophia Script, formerly known as Windows 10 Setup Script, is a powerful PowerShell Script for modifying the settings of the Windows 10 operating system.

Script requires users to run it to enable or disable modifications to avoid future problems while using the operating system.

sophia script

The latest version of Script supports a UI that facilitates the monitoring of the process. Sophia Script Wrapper displays all options in a graphical user interface during execution. Although it still takes a while for all the settings to go through, as there are hundreds of them, it significantly improves the process.

The developers of Sophia Script Wrapper are preparing an application, called Sophia App, which will make things very comfortable for users.

Various trial versions of the application have released on GitHub. The application is not fully functional at the moment, but you can already run it to see what it will look like. For now, it is recommended that you use the Sophia Script Wrapper, but later this year, the app will replace Sophia Script Wrapper.

The master plan is to support all Sophia Script features in SophiaApp. The main interface will display the same options that the menu already has, but most are not yet functional. The "Privacy" menu is an exception, but making changes does not seem to work at this point.

The decision to turn the script into an application may attract users who stayed away because it was difficult to use. The UI will definitely help with that, and of course an app could make things even better.

We are monitoring the development of the application and will publish it as soon as it is released as a stable version.

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